About us

Normally, AA Nuncio LLC is just one person—me, Ari Abraham Nuncio—though I occasionally work with a Mexican expert translator (perito traductor) who has agreed to work within the standards described in this web site and has signed appropriate third-party confidentiality agreements.

I moved my family to Oklahoma City in 2008. Before then, we called Monterrey, Mexico home. Actually, we still call it home. Not to brag, but compared to Monterrey—Mexico's third-largest city—Oklahoma City is a sleepy little village. The bright side of being refugees in Oklahoma is that we haven't been forced to learn a whole new vocabulary to describe new and increasingly exotic permutations of organized crime, as many of our family and friends in Mexico have. For example, Mexicans now have a word to describe the roadblocks set up by drug gangs on city streets: narcobloqueos. I heard the English version of this word ("narcoblockades") in a recent news report on a series of attacks in Guadalajara. As fascinating as all this may be from a linguistic standpoint, it was more than I could bear as a citizen and parent.

About this site

The purpose of this web site is to give clients and potential clients a way to evaluate, engage, and pay for my services. Before I launched this site, I would spend a large part of my time doing work that profited no one, including long hours spent preparing price quotes for ”window shoppers.“ So the site frees me from a menial task, for which I am eternally grateful, and also gives my clients and potential clients a way to get the information they need without having to wait on me to prepare a quote. To me, this is technology doing what technology is supposed to do.