Subtitling policy

Description of the service

Subtitling is a form of timed text. Unlike captioning, which is commonly used for the deaf and hard of hearing, subtitles are always a translation from one language to another. AA Nuncio provides subtitling services in Spanish and English for a wide variety of audio and video formats.

Applicable standard

We adhere to the following Netflix standards for timed text:

Documentation requirements

Administrative documents: 1) Approved quotation and/or purchase order and/or service cancellation notice; 2) upon delivery of the target document, an email sent to the client and copied to AA Nuncio.

Source file

The source file is an audio or video file. The minimum length for such files is one second; the maximum length is 60,000 minutes.

Ideally, the subtitler should have direct contact with the client for questions about dialogue that is unclear.

Target document

Format: The editor will deliver the target document in the format specified in the respective work-for-hire contract. AA Nuncio does not provide a movie file with subtitles “burnt in.”