Text comparison policy

Description of the service

AA Nuncio prepares a report that shows the exact differences between two texts and quantifies them as a percentage of the original text.

Applicable standard


Documentation requirements

Administrative documents: 1) Approved quotation and/or purchase order and/or service cancellation notice; 2) upon delivery of the target document, a completion report with final billing (pursuant to the approved quotation or service order).

Target document: A single file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or HTML format.

Other deliverables: N/A.

Source document

Because the quality of the target document may hinge on the amount and quality of the information that the client provides to the writer, clients must designate a contact person to answer any questions we may have.

Ideally, the person responsible for performing the text comparison should have direct contact with the client.

Target document

Format: The writer will deliver the target document to the client and editor-in-chief in a single file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or HTML format. AA Nuncio will provide the template for this report.

Peer review/expert review

No peer review or expert review is available for this service. However, the editor-in-chief is responsible for reviewing the target document.