Standards for peer review

We subscribe to ASTM F 2575 (“Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation”) for general guidelines on peer review of translations.

However, since the guidelines in this standard are very general, we're developing an Internal Policy for Peer Review.

The chapter outline for this document is as follows:


General considerations

  • Independence, integrity and objectivity
  • Competence
  • Due professional care
  • Administration of reviews

Organization of the review team

Qualifications for service as a reviewer

  • General
  • Peer reviewers

Performing peer reviews

  • Objectives
  • Peer review risk
  • Basic requirements
  • Scope of the review
  • Understanding the quality assurance system
  • Letters of comments on peer reviews
  • Letters of response to comments
  • Final report

Reporting on peer reviews

  • Reporting on peer reviews

Effective date

The scheduled delivery date for this publication is January 2016.