Other services

AA Nuncio LLC provides the following peripheral services:

Text capture

If your document is only available on paper or in an image format, we can scan or type the text into an MS Word document. When we capture text, we add appropriate Word styles (but please note that we do not attempt to create an exact copy of the original document).

MS Word style corrections

MS Word style corrections means correcting improperly formatted Word documents. Because improperly formatted documents (especially large ones) are harder to work with, we may require that style corrections be made before we accept a job.

Text comparison

Need to identify the differences between two texts? Allow us to prepare a report that shows the exact differences between two texts. The report, which is delivered in HTML or PDF format, shows any differences and quantifies them as a percentage of the original text.

Preliminary design

In some cases, the only way to visualize how a given text will work in a given format is by creating a preliminary design (a ‘dummy’).

AA Nuncio LLC creates dummies, not final designs. Our Café des Artistes design study is an example of this work.